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We Know by Gregg Hurwitz
Follow Published 2008/2011
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We Know by Gregg Hurwitz

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Book Description

A good job, a decent flat in Los Angeles, a quiet life – Nick Horrigan has finally put his traumatic past behind him. Or so it seems, until a SWAT team smashes into his place in the middle of the night. Still in his pyjamas, he’s dragged outside to a waiting helicopter. He’s told that a terrorist has seized control of a nuclear power plant and is threatening to blow it up. Flown into a dangerous situation, Nick is charged with a dangerous secret, one that will take him from the dark alleys of the city to behind the scenes of a Presidential race. As he moves toward the truth, peeling back layer after layer of lies and deception, only one thing is certain: The long-buried secret, tied to the traumas of his own past, threatens his life at every turn.


Book Review


This book is about a young man Nick Horrigan and all the events that have directed his life to move in differing directions. From the memorable relationship with his stepfather when he was a teenager to the night a S.W.A.T. team break down his door and hustle him into a helicopter to go intervene in a possible nuclear disaster.

After that the pace cracks on fast and furious and there is a complicated plot that moves back and forward in time and implicates two presidential candidates in a scandal and cover up from seventeen years previously.

Nick really has a problem trusting anyone and has to live on his wits to get to the truth. The plot has a lot of tension and twists and turns but it really does stretch the imagination at times. For example; it does not seem realistic that Nick, as a teenager is banished from his home and home town by men in dark suits, and told not to speak to anyone about what has happened, and he does just that.

However, despite the criticism, the writing is good and the characters are interesting but not all likeable, a bit like real life actually. My favourite is Homer, a homeless drunk who is a useful friend of Nick’s.

There are a couple of annoying spelling errors, some might be put down to American/English differences e.g. pyjamas/ pajamas, but to confuse ‘couching’ with ‘coaching’ (page 301 paperback) is pretty bad. Proofing, though not always the responsibility of the writer, should at least be accurately done. There are also some strange similes that for me do not paint a picture in context, such as, Framed pictures rising like feathers from the lid (of a piano) is just too obscure.

In the end the book has a satisfactory ending with all the ends tied and reconciliations between Nick and his Mother and her new family. I enjoyed the story and the pace and the political content and would have no problem recommending this as a good holiday or weekend read.

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Rating: 4.0/10 (1 vote cast)
We Know by Gregg Hurwitz, 4.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating

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