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Psychonavigation by John Perkins
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Follow Published 1990
Published by Destiny Books

Psychonavigation by John Perkins

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Book Description

In this first hand account, John Perkins relates his encounters with the Bugis of Indonesia, the Shuara of the Amazon, the Quechua of the Andes and other psychonavigators around the world. He explains how the people of tribal cultures navigate to a physical destination or to a source of inner wisdom by means of visions and dream wanderings.

Book Review

This is firstly an autobiographic book which follows the writer through his development in psychonavigation, which, simply defined is a way of travelling to a physical place, removed from where you are by means similar to astral flight and visions. This is not a book that will teach you about meditation although there are a lot of times when the writer recommends this as a life tool and some instructions are given and also relaxation techniques which are excellent.
If you are looking for help to advance along your spiritual path I’m not too sure this is the book for you. It is extreme in its conclusions and you need to be very open to psychic phenomena to enjoy the book.
There are some amazing insights into the native culture of various tribes in South America and Indonesia, and Perkins’ work with the peace corps as a young man are very entertaining and told in an easy style. My favourite is the chapter on the Bird men of the Andes, the obstacles they had to overcome, and the faith required to do a very difficult job.
Perkins says that; ‘Psychonavigation provides a tool for accessing universal knowledge.’ and the knowledge he became aware of was that the earth had not much time left if we humans continued to waste all the natural resources. Jung, who apparently psychonavigated often, described it as ‘an inner journey to the collective unconscious’.
There are personal statements in the book from people who have experienced this type of navigation, and have an inner pilot that they can call on for guidance.
This book will not obviously be to everyone’s taste but it is a well written, quick read which will make you think about things outside the realms of normal experience and the bibliography gives lots of references for further and supportive reading.

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Rating: 6.5/10 (2 votes cast)
Psychonavigation by John Perkins, 6.5 out of 10 based on 2 ratings

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