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Connections to the Journey of Mankind by Edward L.Walsh
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Scientific Discussion

Connections to the Journey of Mankind by Edward L.Walsh

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Book Description

This book applies the presently accepted scientific facts of Cosmology, Dendrochronology, Documented Catastrophes, Historical Mideastern documentation, along with Evolution theories and Bible text along with relatively new Bible Codes and Genetic theory. It includes Isaac Newton’s analysis of the book of Daniel to arrive at a suitable history of the Universe and man’s development in it while satisfying the major limitations presented by the above specialties. This allows the presentation of critical dates in man’s history, such as the world-wide flood, the Biblical Exodus, the fall ofJericho, the Jewish punishment periods along with dates, identifies the Pharaoh of the Exodus and the Pharaoh’s daughter that rescued Moses. It identifies the four major nations that controlled the world fromBabylontoPersiaandGreeceand finallyRome. It concludes with a summary and conclusion of the earth’s final War. (from Amazon)

 Book Review

This book has some unique features, and one that delighted me, included at the beginning, in the writer’s acknowledgments, is the help he received from sources unknown, feelings, guidance or a presence felt that helped to lead his way.

This book is not for the faint hearted. It gives an analytical drawing together of accepted scientific facts and various other fields of study to help define the origins and the development of mankind.

The style is straight forward and explanatory, but some of the terms and words were not familiar to me so I had to stop and look them up or follow the references given in the research. This interfered a little with my concentration on the reading, and maybe a small glossary of terms would have been helpful, but in the end I learned a lot which is always a good thing. For example the details of sickle cell disease and doughnut shaped haemoglobin in normal blood, fascinating stuff.

Cosmology and Quantum Physics help to identify the beginnings of the universe and dentrochronology, a favourite of mine, is the tree growth theory which helps to pin down time frames in the past relating to catastrophes and archaeological findings.

The theory of relativity is explained simply enough with possible scenarios to help understanding (although the equations gave me pause for thought) and evolutionary theories and genetics are also looked at to help discover the developmental progress of mankind.

There are some gems of language, for example, when describing the migration habits of the Monarch butterfly,

‘—the fourth cycle arrives at which time the butterfly heads for an extinct volcano in Mexico, a place the butterfly has never been but knows the exact route and arrives, not for a six week duration but for twice the sum of the time its ancestors lived before it and then flies north where the next generation arrives…..

A present, progressive aspect sentence to rival any of Bronte.

The book comes to a well rounded connecting of the connections and gives some logically drawn conclusions which you can agree or disagree with as you will. What you do have to agree with is how well the arguments are laid out.

This book does what a good book should do; it makes you think about some things in a new way.



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Rating: 7.7/10 (3 votes cast)
Connections to the Journey of Mankind by Edward L.Walsh, 7.7 out of 10 based on 3 ratings

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