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Flying to the Light by Elyse Salpeter
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Published November 2011

Flying to the Light by Elyse Salpeter

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Book Description

How far can you run, until you just can’t run anymore? Seventeen year old Michael Anderson and his kid brother, Danny, find themselves in mortal danger after their parents are kidnapped. Michael discovers Danny has a special gift—he knows what happens after a person dies—and now others want to know too. The brothers must outwit and outrun Samuel Herrington, a lethal biophysicist, the FBI, and even fellow Americans in a harrowing cross-country chase, because whoever gets to Danny first will have the power to rule the world.

Book Review

This is a story told from the point of view of the teenage brother of a child Danny who has special powers and is being relentlessly hunted by some powerful, evil people.

The book is simply written and tells the story in a straightforward and fast paced style. The two main characters Michael and Danny are delightful, likeable and vulnerable and always seem to escape danger just at the right moment. Danny is deaf and the family all sign which is refreshing to see in literature as it is rare to represent hearing impaired or deaf characters.

Some of the ways that the boys manage avoid capture and death are a bit too far fetched, but after all it is fiction.

Michael is so scared and brave that he becomes the real hero of the tale. There are several point in the narrative, while searching for their kidnapped parents that the  that the brothers really don’t know what is happening and why some people they trusted are now trying to capture them and steal Danny’s secrets.This lends tension to the book, along with lots of movement, different locations and changes of transport, cars, planes, a boat, a limo.

As well as all the action there is a very emotional element to the relationship between the brothers. Danny has the special powers but Michael will protect him with his life if necessary, even though he does not really understand how special his brother is until the end of the story. The descriptions of the holding place between life and death are very imaginative and will give food for thought to many readers.

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Rating: 6.0/10 (2 votes cast)
Flying to the Light by Elyse Salpeter, 6.0 out of 10 based on 2 ratings

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