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The Inner road to Wisdom and Healing by Carol Deans
Follow Published 2012
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Spiritual/Self help

The Inner road to Wisdom and Healing by Carol Deans

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Book Description

Carol Ann Deans’ life had fallen apart! She had lost her job, her home, her lover, her son, her health and didn’t particularly care if
she lost her life. Her whole world had crumbled and all that remained was isolation and pain. And then she discovered her desire to survive. What followed was a journey of discovery. Her outer world had diminished, but her inner world blossomed and she found herself soaring to other worlds, having adventures full of love, fear, joy, victory and even a little out-of-this-world sex. She opened her third eye, had spontaneous Kundalini experiences and journeyed to past lives; she meditated, visualized, travelled beyond the physical and even had a live “spirit” operation in Brazil. Life would never be the same again. Carol’s relationship with writing also blossomed on this journey; she wrote to clear out the unwanted emotions and chaotic thoughts, document her development and learning, and as an exercise of therapy, leading to clarity and enlightenment.

Book Review

This book is a journey through the writer’s life so far, looking at the ups and downs in her health and relationships and her past lives, and relating the reasons for her physical ill health to her state of mind. This is not all doom and gloom as Carol Deans has a very witty style of writing and does at times refuse to take herself too seriously. The book is well written and gives a lot of insight to past life regression and spiritual growth.

This writer is a healer who has helped many people and has led a very diverse life. She has met some pretty amazing people who, in turn have helped her on her way. There is an appendix to the book with self help advice including meditation, recording your dreams and using colour in visualisation some of which I found helpful and original.

Some small criticisms; I felt there was too much emphasis on the details of the past life regressions and not enough continuity between different phases of Carols life, how did she get from one place to another? Who was with her? etc., details that make the reader feel more involved in the story.

However, on the whole this is a very readable book. One piece of advice given to the writer which stayed with me was;

‘do it in struggle or do it in joy- it’s the same lifespan.’

What better way to bring you down to earth and keep you positive.

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Rating: 6.5/10 (4 votes cast)
The Inner road to Wisdom and Healing by Carol Deans, 6.5 out of 10 based on 4 ratings

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