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Wake up and hear the Thunder by Eileen Campbell
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Follow Published 2012
Published by E C Books
Non fiction/Self help

Wake up and hear the Thunder by Eileen Campbell

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Book Description

At last someone is making sense of things – hopefully before it is too late. Expect to embark on an incredible journey through history, consciousness and economics as Eileen re-assesses the state of affairs in the 21st century. She puts everything into rational perspective, drawing clear and reasonable conclusions about how to create a more positive future. The wealth and breadth of knowledge makes this book unique in its ability to draw together so many different aspects of life. Her well informed message draws on deep wisdom, and delivers a very relevant plea for mankind to collaborate and cooperate. If we can learn to work together, there’s a lot of hope.

 Book Review

This book interested me from the very beginning. The title is catchy and original, and the book is very informative and has an overall feeling of hope, which is desperately needed in these troubled days.

The content comprehensively makes sense of some of the trends and innovations in thinking in the need for reconnection to a simpler world. The research that has gone into writing this book seems vast and the history of politics and economics was information from which I learned a lot.

It makes perfectly clear that our impact on our world will define the future of life and resources. There is a lot of practical advice on how to move into a new era of co-operation and positive evolution, and also makes it clear that the chaos we experience is some facets of our lives are nothing new, things have been like this for a very long time, but there is strong evidence that the world is becoming less violent and perhaps more civilised.

This writer helps us to see the bigger picture where technology is changing lives for the better and global communications are bringing us all closer together.

We can look forward to a new spiritual awareness and a reduction of fear, the fear caused at times by negative reporting of constant crisis and catastrophe, rather than from real events.

One small criticism, I felt that there was a tremendous amount of information which was not always balanced by analysis, which at times gave the feeling of journalistic style. However this is a well written book and I would have no problem recommending it as an inspirational read, and I will be keeping the ‘Wisdom Keys’ in mind.


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Rating: 6.0/10 (1 vote cast)
Wake up and hear the Thunder by Eileen Campbell, 6.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating

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